Business Awards 2016 Praise

  • October 25, 2015
  • Carol May
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Business Awards 2016 Praise

Day spa owner Carol May hated the thought of her clients being unable to relax and get comfortable while undergoing treatments.

She would find that, despite the effects of massage or other holistic therapies, clients would quite often fidget as they tried to get comfortable on the treatment couch.

And with her Holistic Health and Spa business in Basford also offering treatments to the likes of cancer survivors and mums-to-be, she was determined to find a way around the problem.

Four years later, The Comfy Client cushion system was launched. And now it is picking up national awards for its innovative design.

Carol took home the Star Product Award 2015 at the Holistic Business Awards presented by Holistic Therapist Magazine at The Olympia Beauty Show, London, this month.

She said: "I've been in business in North Staffordshire for 13 years in total, starting off on my own and gradually expanding to a team of eight.

"I'm really passionate about what I do and I hated watching my clients struggle and move about. We have people here of all ages, people who have undergone surgery and pregnant women – and all of them were uncomfortable.

"There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears gone into developing this, but also a lot of love. We try to make it so special for people who come here.

"Now with this combination of support from high density foam and the comfort of memory foam, the cushions suit all shapes and sizes."

Made in the UK to CE marking standards, The Comfy Client is now sold worldwide, from Hawaii to Australia. It is made up of three interlinking cushions; a face saver, a main body bolster and an abdominal support/head rest.

As well as supporting and cushioning those undergoing treatments, the product can act as an extension to a treatment couch to prevent therapists over stretching on wider beds and enables beauty consultants to reach around their client's head and shoulders without accidently nipping the skin or disturbing their comfort.

Following consultations with materials experts, the cushions are fire retardant, bacteria resistant, water resistant, and NHS approved with many hospitals and hospices making use of the product.

Now Carol, who ploughed her own funds into bringing the product to market, hopes for further success in The Sentinel Business Awards in the Business Innovation category, sponsored by Staffordshire Business Innovation Centre.

She added: "We were thrilled and proud to receive the Holistic Business Award in recognition of our determination and hard work in endeavouring to make clients completely comfortable during all couch treatments, and saving therapists from unnecessary injuries while performing treatments.

"Clients are not flat so how can we expect them to completely relax against a flat couch? Even with padding it's still flat.

"The Comfy Client cushions completely transform the couch and treatment experience.

"Cancer survivors and cancer patients who felt pressure against their scar tissue now call the cushions 'magical' because during treatment there is no pressure to remind them of their cancer journey.

"Healthcare professionals also use the system confident in the knowledge that they come with the medical grade CE mark."

Carol hopes to grow The Comfy Client business alongside her day spa, and is preparing to launch a new website for the brand.

Holistic Therapist Magazine director Jayson Firmager said: "The Comfy Client stood out to the judges because it offers the solution to an age-old problem and will have a positive impact on therapists and clients alike during treatments."

  • A world of difference to the beauty couch

    "As a client I can honestly say my treatment was made a lot more enjoyable because of this amazing cushion. It makes a world of difference to the beauty couch. Highly recommended ..."

    Christine Underwood,
  • A brilliant investment

    "This is a brilliant invention and a brilliant investment ..."

    Alison Robertson, Lavender Room Therapies
  • The cushion system has enhanced each and every massage I give

    "The cushion system has enhanced each and every massage I give ..."

    Rachel Wycherley, Elemental Massage
  • What can I say...Wow

    "What can I say...Wow...if anyone is pondering this system I would say go for it ..."

    Kim McIlwham, Therapy Zone
  • It's the best money I've spent

    "It's the best money I've spent. I feel it has already paid for itself in client comfort ..."

    Janet Creed, Serenity Salon
  • A great product which I would recommend to all

    "Being a Remedial/Holistic Therapist I am always looking to add value to my patients experience when attending my Practice. The Comfy Client Cushion fits the bill perfectly as it enables the patient extra comfort and supp ..."

    Anthony J. Boyce, The Haydn Practice

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