When can I expect delivery?

Usually within 2 -5 working days (UK only). Please contact us for enquiries outside the UK.

How long should the cushions last?

They were first tested and used in 2006 and first sold in 2008. To date there have been no complaints of “wear and tear”. With correct usage and care, you can expect the cushions to last for many years, to date 2015 no one has had to replace them. Made in the UK superior craftsmanship.

Is the Comfy Client Cushion just for females?

No it is flexible and adjustable to suit all clients male & female. It has been designed to relieve pressure from breast tissue, abdominal area, face, and adjusts to accommodate the larger client by temporarily extending the body cushion to provide arm rests. This saves the therapist from investing in a wider couch which could result in back injuries for the therapist due to over stretching. It has also been designed to take pressure off the male genitalia and to give comfort and support to everyone. Cancer survivors, post abdominal & face surgery patients, all massage & bodywork therapists, spas, hospitals & hospices.

What if my couch is narrow?

The Cushions are flexible and therefore the functionality is not compromised. They have been designed to sit comfortably on the couch without overhang, and are adjustable to extend your couch when needed for example in the supine or prone position, a larger client can benefit from having their arms supported by extending the legs of the main body cushion and turning the cushion legs into arm rest. Also ideal for prenatal massage;the cushions are fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes of the growing baby bump without having to continually turn your client. Please see Video on the Home Page.

What if my couch doesn’t have a face hole?

It doesn’t matter as it can be used without a face hole or used with an extendable headrest. If you dot have a face hole use a couch cover with a face hole to secure the face saver cushion. The face saver and headrest has an antislip base should you prefer to work without a cover. To set up with a face cradle please watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eepE2eILVG8

Who are using this system?

The Comfy Client Cushion System is Loved Worldwide by both therapists and clients. Salons, Spas, Complementary & Holistic Therapists, Massage & all Body Workers, Bowen Therapists, Acupuncturists, Hospitals, Hospices and Mobile Therapists. Investing in client comfort sets you apart from the rest. Clients will return and recommend. This is the best relaxation and body positioning support system available.

Is it suitable for all therapies?

Yes for all couch treatments. They are used for Prone, Supine and Side work including Pregnancy. The flexibility of the Cushions also supports seated work such as reflexology.

Who can benefit from using the Comfy Client Cushions?

All body work therapists who treat clients or patients on a treatment couch.. Your clients/patients can benefit from unrestricted comfort and support during all treatments. Therapists benefit by feeling that they are delivering a better treatment, less pressure on their hands and easier access to their clients/patients body helping to save the therapist from unnecessary strain and injury.

Can the cushions be used with a heat blanket?

Yes they are heat sensitive and fire retardant. The heat blanket should be placed under the Cushions. Heated spa wrap/slimming blankets can be placed safely on top of the Cushions.

What are the cushions made of?

A unique supporting density foam & Heat sensitive memory foam has been combined with a special support foam to offer complete comfort, flexibility and support. The covers are made using the latest technology and offer full NHS compliance procedures for infection control, wipe clean, bacteria resistant, water resistant, fire retardant, and come with the CE medical grade mark of approval. No other body support cushion system can offer this.

What is the Comfy Client Cushion System?

An ergonomically designed 3 piece self adjusting massage support system. Three cushions fit all couches all sizes. The three cushions include a main body support cushion, half moon face saver cushion and a circular head rest. The cushions are flexible and adjustable to benefit all clients and all treatments. They interlock for all couch treatments prone, supine, side laying and seated work. Clients can be fully supported in complete comfort and the therapist can benefit from less strain on their hands and body due to the ease of accessing their clients in all position.

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