Why Do Therapists Love Our Cushion?

Therapists can perform their best treatments while clients are nestled comfortably into the cushion face down, on their side or face up, without the need to re-adjust themselves constantly. When clients are completely comfortable they can relax and truly enjoy your treatments, after all this is the reason they book with us-to relax! Happy, comfortable & relaxed clients lead to repeat business for your practice. Therapists can now deliver long sweeping strokes and a deeper massage to the back, neck and shoulders while the client remains face up, without pinching the client or straining their own hands and wrists – a great asset for beauty and bodywork therapists.

The Comfy Client Cushion

The Comfy Client Cushion System has been designed by a professional therapist, to enhance all couch treatments. The Cushion is a Unique 3 Piece Interlinking Body Cushion - Nothing Compares!

Clients are NOT FLAT and therefore can NEVER be completely comfortable lying against a flat surface, no matter how much padding is on the couch! With a Comfy Client Cushion system they will relax as they feel as though they're floating on air.

This superb contoured luxury cushion system gives clients maximum comfort and full support during prone /supine positions and also during pregnancy massage.

Key Cushion Features
NHS Approved Cushions- NHS Approved Covers
The Comfy Client Cushions come with soft covers that are NHS approved and wipe clean. It includes a CE mark The covers have concealed zips, which are concealed for client comfort. The covers can be removed for machine washing.

The Comfy Cushion

Find out more about our revolutionary interlocking cushion
Comfy Client Cushion System- cream
Comfy Client Cushion has adjustable legs to accomodate larger clients
Comfy Client Cushions are adjustable suits all clients
Easily massage behind clients in supine-no pressure on handsasy access
Comfy for Prenatal Massage
Comfy neck alignment and adjustable armrests
No pins and needles for your client when arms hang over side of couch
Upright position, adjustable armrests

Easy Access to Back, Neck and Shoulders

Your client can now be completely supported with perfect neck & spine alignment and no breathing obstructions. With no pressure on the sinuses and no red ring around the face your client can drift away and enjoy your treatments. The legs of the main body cushion are flexible so that you can easily adjust them and extend to create temporary arm rests to comfortably support your larger clients.

Non Slip Face Saver

The non slip soft & comfortable face saver can sit comfortably directly on top of your couch or face cradle. Alternatively if you use a couch cover simply place underneath and place the rest of The Comfy Client Cushion System on top of the couch cover and cover with a thin towel/sheet or batik.

Perfect Neck & Spine Alignment - No more fidgeting!

All size clients relax into The Comfy Client Cushion System with perfect neck & spine alignment. Clients no longer need to keep turning their head from side to side and perfect alignment allows the therapist to perform an uninterrupted massage to the upper back and trapezius. No pressure on breast tissue and no pressure on male genitalia.

Complete Breast Tissue Support & Comfort

Ladies with large breasts and breast augmentation can now relax and enjoy a massage or spa treatment in comfort. Cancer survivors are no longer reminded of their cancer journey due to having no pressure against their scar tissue.

Supports Male Genitalia - No Squashing here!

Men are not flat either and can now comfortably enjoy a massage and deep lower back work with no pressure against their sensitive areas.

Relieves Joint Pressure - Great for Arthritic Clients

The unique design enables clients to lay comfortably on the cushions in both the prone, supine and side laying positions. Special fabricated foams including support density and memory foam relieve pressure from areas of discomfort associated with joint problems such as arthritis relieving pressure discomfort in shoulders, hips, elbows and coccyx.

Supports Pregnancy & Side Work

Therapists can give mum to be a full back massage while the client is side laying without the need to turn her side to side. The recess area allows easy access without any strain on the therapists hands.

Face Saver & Sinus Protection - No Breathing Obstruction

Clients can now enjoy a treatment in the prone position without any pressure against the sinus area and no red ring around the face thanks to the soft & comfortable face saver.

Adjustable and Flexible

The Comfy Client Cushion System interlinks and adjusts to comfortably support all size and shaped clients.

Specially Bonded Foams including Heat Sensitive Memory Foam that Contours to Each Individual Body Shape

The unique fabricated comfort and support foams are bonded to offer superior comfort. The heat sensitive foam picks up the body heat of your client and gently moulds around their individual shape. The soft covers are comfortable and wipeclean and you can cover with a thin towel or sheet for added comfort.

NHS Applications The Comfy Client Cushions can be used for the following post surgery applications:
  • Breast Surgery
  • Mastectomies
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Back Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Neck Surgery
  • Eye Surgery - including retina surgery recovery

All treatments can now be carried out in complete comfort allowing clients to let go and relax without the need to re-position themselves in order to stay comfy.

The Interlocking 3 piece Massage Support Cushions have been ergonomically designed to provide complete comfort during all couch treatments You will no longer need to use rolled up towels, bolsters or continually move your client in order to try and make them comfortable. The cushions are ideal for all practioners offering spa and bodywork treatments and all hospices and hospitals.

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